Pedido Nº: 2018-04452

Objeto da Compra:
Aquisição de equipamento para realização de testes de DNA

Especificação Técnica:
1. ForenSeq Index Adapter Fixture - Reusable plate fixture that facilitates preparation of index adapters for ForenSeq library preparations; 2. MiSeq FGx Sequencing System - The Miseq FGx Forensic Genomics System is the first fully-validated sequencing system specifically designed for use in Forensic Genomics applications. The complete, “sample to answer” system utilizes dedicated library preparations kits, customized instrument control software, and an analytical software package to support the reliable analysis of both routine and challenging forensic samples. 3. TG ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit - TG ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit allows for the simultaneous PCR amplification of aproximately 200 genetic markes, containing a combination os autosomal, X- and Y- STRs, plus panels of identity-informative SNPs (iiSNPs), ancestry-informative SNPs (aiSNPs) and phenotypic-informative SNPs. TG-part-specific agreement required. (Order free docs separately: TG-450-9001DOC, TG-450-9002DOC) 4. TG MiSeq FGx Reagent Kit - The Miseq ForenSeq Sequencing kit is a delicated sequencing kit that contains all the sequencing consumables needed to sequence libraries generated by the ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep kit. TG-part-specific agreement required. 5. ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software and Server - ForenSeq Universal Analysis Software is a fully-validated, sample to answer software solution specifically designed for use is Forensic Genomics applications. From sample and management to complet secondary and tertiary analysis, the software provides full functionality needed to analyze and interpret the widest range of Forensic Genomics casework and databasing samples. 6. Nextera® XT DNA Library Preparation Kit (96 samples) - Each Nextera XT DNA Library Preparation Kit provides reagents sufficient for preparation up to 96 samples. (Order free docs separately: FC-131-9001DOC) 7. Nextera® XT Index Kit (96 indexes, 384 samples) - Each Nextera XT Index Kit includes 96 unique indexes for preparation of up to 384 samples. 8. MiSeq® Reagent Kit v3 (600 cycle) - Provides kitted reagents for up to 625 cycles of sequecing on the MiSeq System. Includes: Paired-End Reagent plate (600-cycles), MiSeq Flow Cell, and Wash Buffer


Modalidade do Processo:
Solicitação de Propostas

Local, prazo e condição de entrega:
Depósito do Instituto Avaliação - Altamira/PA

Recebimento de Propostas:
De 29/11/2018 até 06/12/2018


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